Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A USB-OTG hub for charging and using external devices at once (Windows Tablets only)

Update: This is a poor man's version of the display dock for the Lumia 950, aka the Continuum dock.

China, sweet China.

I have been looking for this for a while, especially after stumbling upon this video for the Venue 8 Pro:

There was also a diagram online about adding a 124k resistor to an OTG cable to get this to work, with different values for the resistor for different tablets. This forces the tablet to go into a dock mode.

Well, while this is a poor man's version - it doesn't cost $90 as the docking station in that video - it allows you to connect everything to the tablet and have everything work without breaking the bank.

Here is what I got: AliExpress USB OTG Hub

I chose free shipping, arrived a month later, and works with my Archos 80 Cesium when the switch is set 3. The hub also works as a powered USB hub for my Lenovo phone when the switch set to 1, allowing me to connect a hard disk to it. Pretty satisfied with the decision.

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