Thursday, December 24, 2015

TP-Link MR3040 Disassembly (Portable 3.5G Router)

I had a problem with my TP-Link MR3040 in which the power switch needed a bit of force when it's toggled in order to turn the router on.
I had to open the case but found no disassembly guide online and no pictures of the internals of it. So, here goes:
1- What you need:
     1- A small Philips head screwdriver to unscrew the two screws.
    2- A flat-head screwdriver, my plastic opening tool did not work.

The steps:
      1- Unscrew the two Philips head screws. Those are marked here using red dots:

2- Use the flat head screw driver to separate the plastic cover, you should probably start near the USB or the RJ-45 ports, as those seem to be the weakest point.
Tip, you can probably get to the clips through the marked openings in the battery bed. Those are marked in the picture above using blue dots.

3- Once you open all the clips, everything is just held in place without screws, all that's there are the thermal pads overlying the Atheros and Zyntel IC's. What you will see will be similar to this:

Did you notice the lovely floral pattern?

You can see the exact location of the clips that hold it all together in the picture above.

Here's the back of the board in case you are interested:

And the back of the battery, 2000mAh:

In case you're wondering, the soldering for the power switch was a bit loose. A hot soldering iron and a bit of solder fixed everything.

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