Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Getting an HDMI to VGA converter to work on a Windows tablet (Archos 80 Cesium)

I bought a generic HDMI to VGA converter a while ago. It worked well for my desktop computer, but the same can't be said about my tablet.

Connecting it to the tablet and my monitor just resulted in me having a blank monitor and the tablet seeing a second display - the actual converter, not the connected display, but giving no output to it. It was not the micro-HDMI to HDMI converter, as that was tested and is working with my TV.

Actually, it turned out that what was needed for it to work was for me to plug in the tablet to the charger, seems like it needs some extra power to power the converter (ironically, it does not need any extra juice powering my 42 inch TV). Now, I can use my tablet with any old display that's lying around, even that ancient CRT.

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